Labor Force Statistics of Puerto Rico




These profiles display statistics on Puerto Rico's labor ecosystem. The six dataviews provide insights on local labor and higher education, based on the best available data.


This section showcases the relative rank of each industrial sector in Puerto Rico, enabling a clearer understanding of the dominant and emerging sectors.

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This section focuses on the geographical distribution of work across Puerto Rico, highlighting the areas where the most significant employment opportunities lie.

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Academic Programs

This section delves into the academic programs feeding into specific occupations, illustrating the educational pathways that lead to the most prevalent jobs.

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In this section, we dissect the various occupations that constitute the Puerto Rican workforce, emphasizing the supply of human resources across different job roles.

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Economic Districts

This section summarizes the labor statistics for the main economic regions in Puerto Rico, as defined by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce.

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Higher Education

This section explores the educational institutions playing pivotal roles in the Puerto Rican labor market.

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